New Investor Needs help to start

Hi everyone, My main new year’s resolution is to become a real estate investor, so I purchased the CS program which I am currently reading to see if this can get me moving. The fact is that I am very intimidated by trying to start this by myself. So I was trying to find a REI club on the Internet where I can meet more investors and get to know the rules of the game. Thankfully I came across this great website and hopefully I can make some friends here and exchange some information. I live in Queens, New York City. Does anyone know about rei meetings in this city? Thanks

Hey Mancho,
You made a great choice in investing! There is a link on this site for rei clubs I think…Watch out most of them I have been to try to sell you something all the time its kind of like finding a good school for the kids when you find one stick with it if you don’t move on!