New Investor In Washington State please help!

So I have been reading on this forum for the last week or so and have been wanting to take the first step towards a wholesale transaction.

My questions are:

  1. Do you need a realtor to be present when you are making an offer?
  2. How do you handle the selling agent when they ask questions?
  3. Is there a script someone has to use when approaching the sellers agent to purpose the assumable mortgage position?

And last! I would really like a mentor to guide me through the first deal. Is there anyone who has the time to help? I am in Seattle Washington.


If the property is listed with a real estate agent, you will not be there when the offer is presented.

Your agent will present the offer for you.

One of the benefits of using an agent is that it keeps the principles from meeting and allowing their emotions or personalities to get in the way of the deal.

If the property is not listed, you won’t have a real estate agent. So you will be presenting the offer yourself.

Here is a good question:

Is it legal to market a property without having permission from the owner?

I was thinking about marketing the property before I make the offer so I can have a handful of buyers that I can flip the contract to. Any suggestions?

Just say “investors wanted” in the newspaper…if I saw my house in the paper without my knowledge, there would be problems.

Technically you can advertise anything that you would like, I would just steer clear of putting down and giving out exact addresses. You might be better off to advertise a free list of 30 foreclosures, just get the foreclosures list from a realtor in your area. That way any investors who are looking at foreclosure will more than likely get in contact with you. It does create a good synergy to have a low resistance way of contacting you such as an email address or website.