New investor in PHX, AZ

I am trying to get into the real estate investment market and I know Phoenix is really hot right now. I have a private investor who is going to provide the money to buy the properties as long as I find them and we will split the profit 50/50. Can someone tell me which aspect of real estate investing they would get into and how to start? I really want to start doing this full time in about 6 months but I want to make sure I do my homework first. Thanks for your help!

“…I know Phoenix is really hot right now…”

Well, yeah, it’s almost July! LOL

A good start would be ‘bird dogging’…read the free e-book from this site.

I used to have a couple of properties in PHX – one in Phoenix and one in Peoria but that was in the late '90s before it went real crazy. The one I had in Phoenix was a 3/2 and I paid about $50K for it on a HUD assumption…good cashflow and made 15% when I sold…