new investor help

hey guys, i just joined. my father bought russ whitney’s program and we went to the 3 day seminar. its been 2 yrs now we have done nothing with it. im 19 and moving out soon. a buddy and i are about to start investing. i need to know if i follow russ’s steps can i do what is claimed? my friends parents have friends who make money at investing and so does my dad, but after reading about russ i am getting ever more curious and would like some solid answers. if anyone has ANY info on this subject whatsoever please let me know.


I am also starting out and wondering the same thing. I have been reading everying from Robert Kiyosaki. Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. I would highly suggest reading some of his stuff.

what does he talk about? i read bits and pieces of his book last nite at the book store. theres tons of books on investing there.

Robert Irwin is a good author I think. The Everything homebuying book , no credit required is good. I stay away from the Allen’s and people who make money more on books.

I’m a Russ Fan - in the sense that the system goes soooo far beyond the man himself. I have had a great education, that saved me the money I spent on the course…

Now in full time investing I live in a home where the tenant pays the mortgage.

Am full stepping into a new place with a great education behind me.

PS - the best thing is to jion a local REIA (real estate investor’s club) in your area if you want sound local advice - good luck!

I am starting as well. And 19 too. I have read almost all of Robert Kiyosaki’s book. It is nice, but more specific knowledge may be worthy. :). Wholesale is somewhere nice to start, while no $ from us is really needed. ( forget the $ 1 deposit to make the contract legal binding ;))

Will Lau.

By the way, if anyone have contacts in Charlottesville, VA, of trustworthy real estate investors (for wholesale), attorneys (tax, transaction, foreclosure defending, divorce, probate ), accountants, real estate agents, private investors for loans, mortage brokers, title company, insurance company, inspector, appraisor, contractor, handyman, PLS PLS PLS, let me know.

Thank you for your time,
Will Lau, University of Virginia, 19 years old beginner investor.

wow i’m impressed… i’m not the only 19 year old investor here. Thats amazing . I have never met one before… Good luck guys it’ll be interesting to see how we’ll do , with decades of knowledge in books at the library that we can learn from others mistakes and starting soo young. This will be great. We are going to be a serious force in the market in years to come.

Cbrain, Yuwing, and Gretzky,

Hi! I am also nineteen years old and am very excited to see three other people here of the same age. I must admit that I currently know very little about real estate investing, but am extremely eager to learn more and mingle with those who are in the business as well. We could start a thread of our own to help each other learn the ins and outs of real estate- who knows… maybe one day we’ll be an investing team. I realize that this thread is from July, so I hope you three see this message (or even one of you). We can talk about this some more!

Thanks and best wishes,
Paul Smallwood