New investor,great deals 50/50 need lender

Hello REI members,
My name is Sheila, I am a new real estate investor in nc. I have been studing real estate investing through coaching courses and of course rei club. I have finished my courses and I have many properties that are profitable. But like most people starting out “no money”. II have great conections to properties before they hit the market.
Looking forward to a long relationship with a lender. I do my homework and very deicated to real estate.My husband had to take a job out of town I want to bring him home.My property finds are worth the money.
Thank you ahead of time.

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Have you been to any of your local REI meetings?

Im headed that way, my work doesnt always allow me evening time.
I do know where they are now. Matter of time but looking forward to it.
Thanks though.

Any one know of a company that would do JV 50/50 deals nationwide ? But mostly on the west coast WA / OR