New Investment Property Show

Hey everyone!

My name is Nick Stubbs and I’m a Casting Producer based in New York City for Cineflix, a leading production company behind some of the most highly rated TV brands including HGTV’s Emmy-nominated PROPERTY BROTHERS and History’s AMERICAN PICKERS.

We are currently working with a major cable network to develop an exciting new television series about enterprising, innovative people who are seeking investors to help take their real estate development projects to the next level.
Whether they’re experienced home renovators courting their dream properties or ambitious but novice developers on a learning curve, if they’ve made the first steps and are now seeking additional help to realize their goals sooner, we want to hear from them.

We’re especially hoping to hear from CHICAGO area or NEW ORLEANS METRO area residents who’ve made real progress with their acquired properties/projects, but who are still looking for that final round of financing to see their dreams to fruition and start making a profit.

For further information, including details on how to submit or recommend someone, please contact me at nstubbs (at) cineflix (dot) com or at 646.561.8360 ext. 360. Please know that all information will be kept strictly confidential.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.