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My name is Lucas Delo. I´m a citizen of Argentina.
Recently, y search the web for real estate investment info, and i found REIclub.
I´m interested in investing in real estate in USA, so i´m in contacto whit a lot of peolple in Florida.
I want to talk wyth REI investors that have experience in the USA market, and start proyects of REI investing there.
What city is the best for this business?


You would do good in Miami. Try reading the Sunday newspaper, it has a great real estate section, sometimes a feature magazine. Go to

Thank you, i´ll try to do it.

Real estate investing is location critical to some point, but not all the time. You could do real estate investing even in a small city. The good thing about a smaller city is you got lesser competition but your market could be limited. So my suggestion is start in a place where you’re most comfortable.

Thanks Reslyn, I´m going to follow your advise. I´m the search of real estate opportunities because, in the short term, i´ll managa a investment group and i have to know where to put the $$$.
I was thinking in an international and nacional (Argentina) project of RE.
Here in Argentina, the laws are very different. But i searched and take action, and i found that buying and selling houses can give me 100% ROI.
Then, i was searching for real estate opportunities in the US. Some contacts tell me that Florida was a very good place for deals.
Do you know anothere city where to put mi investments?

Lucas Delo