New in the forum.... From Argentina!!!

Dear members:

These post it´s to introduce me in this forums. I had been reading some messages, and doing research in the web.

Well, first of all, i´m very happy that i have find this site. It´s one of the bets sites i´ve ever saw.

Please, sorry for my english. I´m working a lot to improving it.

Well, my name is Lucas Delo. I´m form Argentina, and i started my search for financial freedom, two years ago.

I´ve read the entire Rich dad´s books, and i´m motivated to star the juorney.

I have a lots of problems, becauses here in Argentina the things are very different than in USA.
Here the laws are make for the poor, it´s very hard to manage the properties (here if the tenants can´t pay… you lose). This, and a lot of diference with USA are a problem for me.

So, i want to go to action. I started mi financial education of RE, a moth ago, and i´m improving a lot my education.

Because of my english, i have some problems to understand some things here in the forum.

Here are some questions:

  1. Where are the best books, seminars, courses, etc., etc. etc.? I have a lot of problems, because there is a lot of information- good and bad. and i don´t know where is the best… What can i do???

  2. What is Carlton Sheets?

  3. What is a foreclosure, a lease options,1031, bord dog, wholesaling and landlording?

  4. What can i do to start investing in RE, in Argentina. Here we don´t have the industry of “financial plannig” (i don´t know how to write it).
    When i say this, i´m saying that herewe haven´t RE brokers, financial planners, and a lot of professions that there are in the US.

    Well, thank you to all of you, because this is the best resource of REI in the web.

    Thanks a lot,

    Lucas Delo

Good Luck Lucas,

I don’t know were to start. I do not understand the mortgage industry by you. Do you have mortgage brokers? How is Deed to property transferred??

Well first off welcome to USA real estate investing.
If you do a search under a search engie such as or you should find some good articles.
I would not waste my time with Carlton sheets the info is quite outdated. Carlton Sheets was a REI who sells alot of books and tapes. If I were in your shoes I would look to form an investors network in Argentina that way you can leverage your monies and resources.
If you could consider coming to the US to get the training your need to jumpstart your investing.
There are so many ways and methods to invest in real estate you need to find the best technique that interests you and research it extensively.
Take care and good luck to you.

Thank you all of you,

I have some questions to ask…

  1. What do i need to start to invest in USA… What type of team members in the start?

  2. Can i do an offsohre (in Panama) corporation to benefits from tax advantages?

  3. How can help me to learn and to start investing with my investment found “Delo Investment Group”.

Who can ask me the others questions about lease options, foreclosures, ant on and on…

Than you,

Lucas Delo

Welcome Lucas!

If you’re looking to invest in property in the USA, the best thing for you to do is attempt to locate properties in the different parts of the US using which will give you ideas for the pricing, location, and other selling points.

If you are wishing to buy in that area, you might want to work with a local agent who will represent you, and look out for your best interests.

There are legal issues that would need to be resolved, and your presense would be a benefit to you. You might want to work through a local lawyer, or a very trusted agent!

Good Luck!

If it is easy for a renter in argentina can get away without paying rent you probably shouldn’t invest their. But in any case you need to ask an invester in your area how it works.

Thank you Las Vegas Investor:

Yes, here the construciton is the best form to do money in RE. What about Las Vegas?