New in NJ

I posted this in the Sub2 / lease options forum, can anyone help me?

Hi all, I’ve been reviewing the site for about a week and I love it. I don’t know that much about the REI market. I’m an appraisor that would like to make some money with the houses that I get to see. Someone gave me Ron’s FSBO and L/O courses and I’ve learned alot just listening to the CD’s. I read on one of the topic pages that doing is learning, but I really don’t know where to start. Is there anyone that could be nice and give me a clue. Thanks.

I would start first by just reading everything you can here on this site - the forums and the free articles. There are hundreds of them.

The main thing you should do is assess where you are at and decide what you should do. If you have no experience and little or no money or credit you ought to consider birddogging while you learn the ropes and build a bankroll. The best way to do that is to get involved in any REI group you have locally, network with local rehabbers, landlords and other types of investors, and see what deals they do - then go out and search for deals for them. That way you learn the local scene and see how active professionals in your area do it while getting paid for your education. There are also a couple of courses on berddogging available to walk you through the steps of getting started.

If you have more confidence, you might consider wholesaling. Again - get to know what local investors are looking for, but instead of just bringing them the deal to work - you contract the deal - then get the investor to buy you out of the deal. There is a lot of information on this sight - and oodles of course out there to get you started doing that.

If you have credit, some money and more confidence, you might try something more profitable - like fixers and flips, but only if you think you are ready.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tips, I’ll look for a REI Club. What about doing some quick L/O deals for some quick cash? Thanks.