New in NJ

Hi all, I’ve been reviewing the site for about a week and I love it. I don’t know that much about the REI market. I’m an appraisor that would like to make some money with the houses that I get to see. Someone gave me Ron’s FSBO and L/O courses and I’ve learned alot just listening to the CD’s. I read on one of the topic pages that doing is learning, but I really don’t know where to start. Is there anyone that could be nice and give me a clue. Thanks.

Dave, that’s a broad question, and one that is difficult to answer. I think you need to narrow down what it is you want to do and learn one technique first. I was replying to a post earlier where I pretty much said the same thing: don’t suffer from paralysis of analysis by trying to know everything from day one. Learn one area of investing first, get a few deals under your belt, then branch out into another technique.
You mentioned lease options. In my opinion, the best way for any n00b to start. They are safe and don’t require you to come out of pocket.

Thanks for the advise. I’ll keep listening to and studying the Ron info I have and learn all I can about the L/O area. I’m assuming that I should run an ad to attract some people who may want to sell their house. How many deals do you think I could find in the Northern NJ area? Thanks again for the help.

How many deals? In the market we are in right now, more than you’ll be able to handle. But that ain’t a bad thing! :biggrin

I know that with some people overleveraged and the economy not doing that well, people will be in over their heads with the mortgages. Are you in, or do you know anyone in NJ that I can talk with or partner with for a few deals until I get the swing of things? Thanks again. DAVE

Hey Dave,

I am in Jersey. Contact me. Let me see what we can do together.

Hey icebergtec, thanks for offering to help. You can PM me. Looking forward to hearing from you.