New in Commerical...

I’ve had my ups & downs in residential (currently in a down) & now looking to get into commercial, probably start in apartments.

I’m looking for any information I can get (but especially the free kind :smile) on how to buy with no cash or credit. What’s the first thing I should do to find these properties?

Thanks for your help!

-Tucson, Arizona :biggrin

Good luck buying Commercial Apartments with nothing down. Not going to happen. Save your money and keep yourself from joining the foreclosure and short sale club…they have enough members!

Well…I may give you some hope…though slim at that. I purchased my 108 space mobile home park with no money down as well as a 6 plex (back in the day) and…a 83,000 sqft retail shopping center with an equity trade (which I consider as a no money out of pocket deal)…so they are out there…but the only way I was able to do it was by building relationships with owners, brokers, bankers, etc…

Almost all of the deals I do now require money down…a lot easier…but I started with no money down deals.

Hope that gives you hope…