New Ideas?

I am new to this site, but when I read some of the posts, I figured I’ve found a place where I might find some help.

I have been RE investing part time since 1994 and done fairly well over the years. As is likely the case with many of you, 2008-2009 has not been so kind and I find myself in need of selling my current investment tract of 607 acres in rural Tennessee. However, traditional marketing methods, in the current crisis, have proven fruitless.

What non-tradtitional marketing idea(s) would you guys recommend to increase the likleyhood of getting my tract before a potential buyer?

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide.

lower your price significantly. You will then notice all of the marketing techniques coming to fruition.

Reach, and price.

Reach means how many people are seeing your ad. Price means how well is it priced. You can market it to everyone in town but over price it and not sell, or price it below market and very few know about it.

What is the best use for the property? who usually buy such properties in that area? who is the best selling land agent in that area (do mls search on the area of lands sold over the past year or two and find the agent who has the most sales, if one exists)?

You can always list it in the daily paper, craigslist, or of course MLS.

I’d have to agree with fadi. The main factor in these times is price.

While the market is stiff though, it does make for a great time to experiment with new ideas. What kinds of online and offline promotions are you doing? Have you ventured into video? What about classifieds? Heck, how about social networks?

You’ll never know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t test and track your results.

I will assume that you have already priced it accordingly to it’s present value.

The terminology is actually reach and frequency.

Reach being the number of people that see your ad.
Frequency is how many times you contacted that person.

You will continue to spin your wheels unless you know the demographic of the buyer. I own an ad agency and my primary function is a marketing consultant. In order to determine how to market to these people you need to know a few things about the type of person who will purchase this amount of land.

For example, most large land purchases are bought by major corporations, or they are bought by hunting clubs or developers, etc. A person who buys this amount of land typically has a net worth of 5 million + or whatever. Any criteria that you know that define the target helps.

No One Could give you good advice without demographic information such as this. If you know it, post it and I will give you marketing ideas that you can explore.

Also please post the “traditional” marketing that you have done.