New Hit single...."When Jake was Banned" by MIKE ROSSI on Hypocrite Records

Just some good natured RIBBING from the “BANNED ONE.” here!

I am SERIOUSLY thinking of changing my name to “BANNED 1”

It’s got such a nice CONTRARIAN RING TO IT!!!

Either that or one of the following…

Beating a Dead Horse


or just


I think we should all VOTE…(Please…NO SOCIALISTS )


I’m trying to LIGHTEN the MOOD around here…

Mike’s a good guy…maybe gone a little off the tracks lately, but I’d have him for a neighbor…CRIPES…I’d probably run a 24 hour RACHEL MADDOW live feed on OUTSIDE speakers just to see if he can SHOOT that .40 cal he carries 24/7!!!

On second thought…He might have to BEAT ME to THAT shoot out. :banghead :banghead :banghead

Rachel MAN-dow,oh can I come to the shootout?? I can bring the 50cal machine gun(it mows down trees,so bad a$$)!!LOL!!

You can not only BRING IT but I’ll buy EXTRA AMMO so we can ALL take turns!!!

HA,ha sounds like a plan. :beer

Ill bring my bb-gun if thats okay.