New here, simple question:Rate of Appreciation?

If I paid 113,000 for a house four years ago that is now worth 135 how do I calculate my rate of appreciation? I can’t find a calculator anywhere on the internet.

use a Hewlett Packard hp 12c which has been around 20+ years( i still have and use mine).

PV = $113,000
FV = $135,000
Term + 4 Years

IRR (internal rate of return) = approx. 4.54% per year. FMRR may be slightly different.

Howdy Racn1wrx:

You may also use simple math to find the total return.


It increased in value almost 20%

Wow , thanks for the reply. I’ve heard of the hp 12c but there’s all these new real estate specific calcs out now i will probable order one. Thanks again,

you can use this link to download an excel spreadsheet that will
calculate IRR for you.

You can buy them on Ebay cheaper then the store. There I go again ebay ebay ebay. Man that is what I get for sitting around all day long! I need to get a job!

texas instruments has a Real estate calculator you can get for $15 on ebay. i like that a lot.
much easier to use than hp 12c.

Plug the numbers in here:

It gets pretty close to the other results.

There are other calculators at: