New here, great forum!

Hi, I have been lurking, forgive me! I am a new investor, I have to decide if I want to hold or flip the home I am buying…no urgency though- it is new construction. ;D

It’s all about the numbers and what you are expecting to get out of it. What are the rents like? Do you want to be a landlord? How many are the builder building? Is the market soft, warm, hot, to the moon!? How long will it take for delivery? I hope you have researched these questions before signing anything.


Hope you find what you are looking for.

I could sell when built and come out 60K ahead, no builder stipulations on selling/renting…
Rents are from $1200 per month, I would break even, or come out ahead, depending on the type of loan. I have no problem being a landlord, and a lease option is a sceanrio as well. The builders are building 300 homes in the Master Planned Community I bought into,
and the market is hot right now. There are over 10 new master planned communities in the area. Delivery in November maybe a bit sooner (Oct). This is a great forum!