new guy needs advice

hi my name is justin and my wife and i are new to the real estate investors life.

currently i have taken the carlton sheets course and am in the process now of obtaining my salesperson’s liscence, i also am trying to learn from any other source i can.

i have read some of the comments people have made about becoming an investor, and i am also confused as to how i start while i have such a tight budget.
i really think my best bet is to get some mentors…

people are always saying not to wait, but if you arent in a financial situation that is somewhat safe (don’t have a lot of capitol) how do you start?
do i wait until i am in a better position financially?

any help is appreciated, i hate the rat race!

Hey Justin first off welcome to!

There are a few things to really think about number 1 your financial situation is just a mind set it is not you! If you think different you will do different Never look at it as we do not have the money because money is tight right now this is a temporary situation this is not forever!

What ever you think is what is going to be… you will only convince yourself! So always think positive!

If money is tight you are also going to say that your credit is not great. Right.

So why not bird dog for 6 months or so and make some money then go into investing FULL FORCE!

just some thought’s let me know what you really want to do so we can help as much as we can!

Have a great Night!

hey robb thanks for the advice.
but my question is what do you mean “bird dogging”?
my credit is fair mid to upper 600s

as far as what i want to do…
well i want to replace my earned income with cashflow income…
and of course i want wealth just like everybody else…

Wow there I go again thinking everybody has the same questions and problams mid to high 600’s you are ready to invest!

Bird doggin is finding deals for other investors and getting paid a finders fee for doing so!

As far as a 650+ credit score you can start buying A.S.A.P.

what State are you in?

Do you want to be a landlord?

Do you want to fix and flip?

im in n.c. and i want to be both!

The first advice is for you to pick one to start.

hey justin, I had the same problem but I found out that with a credit score of 680 I can obtain a Intrest only loan with 100% financing all I have to pay is closing but you can negotiate that in the contract for purchase… with this in mind you can take the purcase price of 100,000 * the intrest you expect to pay well use 6% = 6000 divide by 12 = 500 so on this home your I/O payment would be 500, add the monthly cost of ins. and taxes well say 200 that brings the total payment to 700, rent the property out for 850 and you have the mortgage payment made and 150 positive cash flow monthly. hope this helps



If you have a tight budget you have other options. We had very little in the savings when we started, I think it was around $4,500. Because of creative financing we now have a net of over 3,000,000. Check out my blog at and it has several options that you might consider.

Good luck to you,

Check with hard money lenders.

Hard money lenders make loans based on the value of the property instead of your individual qualifications. If you buy the property right, with hard money lenders you can finance the purchase price AND a portion or all of the repairs. They look less at your individual credit score and assets, and more at the deal itself. Plus, most can close loans in days, not weeks. This is a great way to start investing.

I found a great source for hard money lenders at:

Hope this helps.

I forgot to mention, don’t wait! You have to do it to really take this to the next step. Too amny people will buy these courses and wait. You know where they get? NOWHERE. I know a couple people who bought real estate courses and did nothing at all. Me and my husband on the other hand went to the library got every book we could on the suject and did it.

If you want to succeed at this, you have to take the next step. If I recall, the Sheets course tells you where to look for financing. Go back over your notes then jump right in, you can do this.