New guy looking for assistance

I am new in the business. Unfortunately, since my young and stupid days my credit has gone in the can. I am looking for ways to begin REI with no money to play with, no credit to fall back on. Repairing the credit is tops on my goals list along with aquiring properties. Thanks in advance for your time and your help.

Croft Segars
Birmingham, AL


Glad to meet you.

When you talk about some of these things that you feel may hinder you, they won’t, take for instance bird dogging or what I call the No Liability, No Fear, No Money way to start your career. Learn the investing methods and get paid for doing it.

However, this is just one way you have many options that do not require your credit to come into the picture.

There are some pro investors here at the REI Club that can give you guidance, if you have questions just post them, even some methods you would like to know more about.

John $Cash$ Locke

I just started over again. I am a two time loser in RE investing but know no other business and love it so much that I will always be in real estate. I love to buy and build and fix and it is all just fun. Some hard work too as anything that is worth doing.

I lacked motivation after fining BK in 2002. I knew there were deals a plenty but I too had no money or credit and no job. I was collecting money from rent to live on until the Chapter 7 trustee said I would be arrested by US Marshals if I collected another rent payment. All of a sudden I had no job or money or credit and no prospects and totally depressed. I did have a lot of experience in doing deals and found this web site and started helping others with their RE questions and problems. This helped be become motivated to do more deals and was actually forming a network of friends and lenders and birddogs to do and find deals. One of my previous hard money lenders from years ago contacted me thru the forum and suggested that they would loan me money to do deals and I could even for a corp so that I would not violated the BK rules about incurring debt. I am now off and running again with my first deal fixed up and my second deal almost remodeled. I have a third that I have already closed on that I will start to rehab soon. With a little hard work and some luck you too will be able to do some good deals. I had nothing to loose and everything to gain


To some your post may look like a loosers story, I find it to be one of the most inspirational posts I have ever read as a reason for anyone to continue in our great industry.

Thank you for sharing this, it takes a mighty big and good person to make a post like you did.

Although we have only crossed paths in posts, if there is ever something I can help with, all you have to do is let me know.

Thank you again for sharing and inspiring others that life goes on after any diversity.

John $Cash$ Locke

If you want to build your credit up go to department stores and apply fro credit cards. When you get your cards go to the store and buy stuff on credit. Go back in a couple days and return them. The companys can’t tell the difference if it’s paid or returned…this is what my boss tells clients who are looking to refinance and he wouldn’t say it if it didn’t work.