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Hello Friends,

I am new member of this Forum, looking to learn how to do SEO for a real estate website. Looking support from Forum members.

You need backlinks to juice up your website and in order to rank high in search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. Also you need your real estate website to be recognized in the internet by doing business citations in Yelp, Google My Business, Yellowpages and other business citation sites. Its gonna be a long term work but the results are satisfying when done correctly. :biggrin

Hello everyone

My name is jitendra and i am from India . I am just joining this forum site.

Thank You

Welcome! Fairly new to the forum myself and can attest to there being some helpful information and great discussion here!

In regards to your question on SEO; as someone has mentioned getting good quality backlinks (both follow and no-follow links) is definitely important.

Also be sure to do some keyword research to find out what your target market is searching for and implement those keywords into your website content. Speaking of content, Google loves to see lots of regular content being added to your site, blogs, article videos ect.

Social signals have also become important and helpful in SEO ranking. Share your website and blogs, videos ect. on as many social media platforms as you can. The more footprints you leave around the internet the better!

Unless you’re to hire someone to do all your SEO work for you, it can be a very time consuming and ever evolving process. Definitely worth the time and effort though!

Best of luck!

hello and welcome ! SEO has more power to boost your business like Real Estate, Medical or anything.

SEO means build good backlinks for your website. there are 2 types of seo i.e. ON-page seo and OFF-page seo.

On-page is related to howz your website shows, in this portion SEO will do many things to improve for your business in your website.
Then 2nd one is Off-page SEO, in this SEO will create good and quality backlinks for your website.

Simply you should hire SEO for your business, there are many critical points you can not handle.

Hello Friends,

I’m a new member to this community.

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of this Forum.


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and the website. Been wholesaling for a couple years and wholesaled a few properties while working a full time job. Never took it as serious as I should have though. Really looking to pick up the pace this year.

Hi everyone! I am new here and am super excited to start learning about wholesaling properties.

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Everyone here is correct about backlinks and local citations.

One thing you want to nail when doing your local citations is your NAP (business Name, business Address, business Phone). Make a spreadsheet to track all of the sites that you setup a local citation with (facebook, yelp, etc.).

Your NAP is pretty important. If you have inconsistent NAP all over the place you are going to have issues getting indexed by google.

Also if you change your number or address in the future… you are going to have to revisit every citation you set your NAP at and edit it… so get it right the first time and save yourself a headache down the road.