New Flipper

Im an extreme new born on flipping homes. Im 20yrs old and want to get into it my partner is 24 and is also new to flipping homes were wanting to get into it together but have no clue where to start. We have gone to the local realators around the area to find out what to do but they have been no help so far. Ive looked online but this is the only website ive found that gives good information and has an active community any help would be great.

Dont worry about your age. I am 21 and it can be done.

What I would suggest to you is to network and work for an investor in your area. When I first started out, a friend of my family was a real estate investor and I told him that I want to learn the business and I will work for free. I did not care that I wasn’t making any money I just wanted to learn the business.

If you do not know any investors right now that is alright. You should find your local real estate investment association and go there to network with other investors. Do whatever you can to learn from them.

Good Luck,
Brandon :slight_smile:

I started when I was 22, and Brandon is right. It can be done.

Again echoing Brandon, I would highly recommend you get involved with your local REI club, and I like the idea of finding an experienced investor to mentor you. There are quite a few pitfalls to miss in this game, and you can learn them through your own experience or through someone elses. The knowledge/education is paramount. However you decide to obtain that knowledge/education is less paramount than actually getting it.

I appreciate your comments Ryan.

You are 100% correct, when you say that there are pitfalls. I would rather learn the mistakes from someone else than make them myself. Even though it is impossible to save yourself from every mistake, it is a great idea to get a good base to work off of to limit these mistakes.


Question for you: As a new flipper, what is your strategy? Do you intend to repair yourself and sell, or wholesale to someone else, etc? Do you have an exit stategy? How do you intend to finance?
Great idea working with an experienced r.e.i. Hope you can find one that is willing to accomodate you. I think you should as long as they see you as an asset and not a liability.

Im wanting to repair myself and sell. No clue where to start and the realators in my area arent too friendly to give a helping hand.

Hi Naroko,

To get an agent to start to work with you, having the ‘strategy’ (as susggested by MikeHgl) formulated will help. For example, you’ll need someone to sell your finished properties, unless you plan on handling that yourself as well. But if you’re going to need an agent, find one who is seriously interested in building their career on what you will be doing. It will be a matter of convincing them that you’re serious but if you find the right person, it can work.

Another thing that we’re beginning to see with the slowing of the market is that it will flush out the lesser motivated and experienced real estate agents. If you’re lucky enough to find one who really wants to make it through this next economic cycle, you can probably put together a win-win relationship.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


You should get to your real esate investment association because this is where you can find the realtors that are involved in investing.

You could also call the real estate companies in your area and ask if there are any realtors that personally invest in your area. These will be the realtors you want to work with.


I have to agree with Mr Brando. Get to your local Real Estate Group and talk to everyone, I mean everyone. You’ll find alot of people in your situation and alot of people willing to help you. It really is all about the networking.
In my area, the realtors are a joke, so I wouldn’t stress over most of them. The good ones are the ones hosting seminars at the local REIA.

That is very true. Some of them at my REIA run classes and they do a fantastic job at it. They are very experienced and have alot of valuable advice to give. They have two lives / two jobs, their realtor job and their own investing business.