New Deal

I am going to look at a house in a local area. They are asking for 120k and say the ARV is around 190k. I am going to have comps pulled first. They also state it needs about 5-10k of rehab.

What should i look for?

Is there a check list/rule of thumb pricing?

When is a deal not worth it $$ wise?

Best way to finance this? [620 middle score approved for 7% 1st 10% 2nd (stated + collections)]


Went to go look at the house and from the looks of it…small, right down the street from the county courthouse. Needs alot of work IMHO and they are asking 120k. I am waiting for the comps and it semms that the there is a property dispute that the house is on the neighbors lot and it is 9k to buy that piece. Anyways, waiting to actually get inside of it because the neighbor said that the pipes might be bad. I’m not sure if this is going to be worth while.