New deal

Tied up a prime located commercial property in Apple Valley area that is 14000 sf and I am in the process of negotiating a new sell price to an investor I found to buy it. Any pointers or hints?

What would be a fair % to factor in my fees. Property is going for a 1 mill.


I would charge 2% for a bird dog fee and 5% and up for a wholesale, but thats me.

Make what you feel is appropriate, there are no rules to this, just opinions.

If he is gonna make a killing, then you should make out a little bit, right?

Nice find though…hope I can find a million dollar property.

Get everything in writing, dont get screwed like I have, trust no one.

its actually a building i am leasing in and i decided to pull a CD on it. Thought it would be wiser for me to make a bit and then move my store to a location being held for us.