new contract Q's

I took a house on contract and wanted to ask if this would be a good investment for an investor:

House 2bed/1bath
Value is 68k
asking 45k (with wholesale fee and room to reduce price)

the rental potential is 700 - 800/month
the house has been updated and only needs some minor cosmetic work or can be rented as is.

What do you think of this?

That’s over 30% off retail and a rent/price ratio of 1.77%.

That would make a great ad (minus mentioning the wholesale fee and price flexibility).

The upside is immediate cash-flow (depending on the financing), and equity capture at time of closing. Not bad.

I think it this wud be good for a 2-5K wholesale flip to a local rehab investor or as an 5-$8,000 flip to a landlord buyer.
Anytime you can get a property for about half of its ARV value, you probably have a good wholesale flip.
If your a little farther in the game you might keep it for a retail flip or a buy and hold.