new construction up,,on banks that is

Is there alot of banks being built in your areas? I know here in mobile they are on alot of prime real estate.Just wondering.And with lending at a slow crawling pace,I don’t get it.I guess that’s where the $billions in bailouts went.Let me know if you have noticed this also.

Most of the banks I see being built are small REGIONAL banks that never got caught up in the BS. They lent to quailfied, established borrowers and are actually doing VERY WELL now that Uncle Sam is loaning them money at ZERO % and they only have to pay 2 to 3 % interest on deposits.

Small banks in some areas are thriving right now. The big boys got their @sses handed to them but the little guys never smoked the crack pipe during the boom.

I agree,we have a local bank that advertises they did’nt take any bailout to keep with their core values(I switched from regions to them)and they are financially fine.I like the small banks that know who you are.But I have also seen some of the mega banks building too.

Yea, I agree.

All my banking in done through small regionals…10 times the service, half the bullsh*t.

Case in point…

I just sold a large ticket item to a buyer in California…He had an account at Bank of America…So he asked If I had an account there because if I did, he could simply transfer/wire the money from his account to mine at no charge to him…I told him I did NOT have a BOA account but that I would open one if it would make things easier for him.

So, I go down to my local BOA branch and sit in the little waiting area while some MORON talks to his girl friend for 20 minutes. I waited…and planned my move…

See, on the way there I grabbed my mail. In the mail that day was a statement from my local bank. That statement had just UNDER the new FDIC insurance limit in it at that time (this is a “dead money” house buying account). So, I wait…Mr. Moron finally ends his important “what should I wear tonight” conversation with his girl friend, and I walk in…He then proceeds to tell me that inorder to open an account and set up the wire, I need a BOA debit card???
I tell the moron “I don’t want a BOA debit card” He says…That’s “bank policy” so they can IDENTIFY ME when I come in.
I say…You’ve already IDENTIFIED me, and I’m already IN…So lets just set up a simple account before I get pissed an ask to see your manager.

He says…I can call the manager right now if you’d like…I say…I’d LOVE THAT!!!

So Mr. Manager calls me into his office and I proceed to explain that his associate is apparently having a severe problem today… The manager asks me WHAT IS THE PROBLEM…I tell him that he was very concerned about what he should wear tonight and he and his girl friend couldn’t come to an argeement in the 22 minutes I waited while they discussed this. Apparently from the look on the managers face , this wasn’t the first time Mr. Moron had a little chat with his girl friend on company time.

Then I drop the BOMB!!

I pull out my statement from the other local bank and tell the manager that his MORON associate just cost them THIS DEPOSIT and any future banking I would ever consider doing at BOA…If this is the level of service someone opening a $200,000+ account gets, I’ll go somewhere else.

Now I NEVER planned on transferring a DIME of that money into BOA…But THEY didn’t know that…

As of today they have called me 7 times and 4 different execs have asked me to call them…


Lmao,man whatta good one.I hate BOA.A couple years ago I used a BOA credit card to cover rehabs,then would payoff when house sold(never carried a balance over 2mnths).Then credit crunch began,I had 20klimit,sold one house paid 10k on it.Then the pricks lower my limit to 10k(never late 780 credit score)they said this was a “new"procedure.Needless to say which credit card I won’t use.I wanna shred it & close it,but it hurts your score(which apparently does’nt matter anymore).I’m 110% with you on local banks.And I’m with you on the"moron”,I deal with some too @ various places.You just wanna shke them and sy do you know how many people need this job and will do it better.

Not sure if I agree with you on this one… you let Mr Moron keep you from opening an account that would make YOUR life easier, as well as your buddy in Cali, and you let the moron waste your time at the bank.

Maybe you left out some details, but if I was sitting with the manager, I would let the manager start from scratch, get my account opened, and transfer money to my buddy in Cali and finish what I came there for.

As for the debit card… doesn’t every checking account require a debit card?

[[[…As for the debit card… doesn’t every checking account require a debit card?..]]]]


I’ve never had a debit card and have had accounts at a dozen banks. No problem. They ask if I want one. I say no, and that’s the end of it.