new construction flipping/renting


I am a newbie in this field and am looking for pre construction homes to rent out for a certain time and then sell it. FL market seems to be saturated and builders in AZ are saying no to investors. Any one knows of upcoming cities/areas. Ideas/suggestions…


look in fla, gulf coast, north of ft…myers…starting to pick up…


FL market seems to be saturated

Saturated is an interesting term and you used it with negativity.
When others get scared, I get a deal.

I supply my realtors with all of the negative information that I can find…
Bubble busting, hurricanes, sharks, interest rates, slow sales and such. So
they are better prepared to wear down the opposing realtor and his seller.

If you are a seller and you are thinking “saturated”, I’ll add a few other
negatives and your realtor will tell you that you should take what you can
get now and go. And I will get a fear deal.

Had a piece of property once and could not keep trespassers and hunters away.
Posted signs made good targets, but offered no help.

Switched to “private snake sanctuary” with pictures and descriptions of some scary reptiles and all was fine.

Another time I used
“Caution: Private hunting course for beginners,
high powered bullets can travel great distances
and you could be mistaken for game”

Buying is a sociological game and fear can be your friend.