Hi all I am a bird dogger and I have an opportunity here in So. California.

There is a 310 home community being built and there are 9 model homes that the developers are looking to let investors purchase them and do a lease back. ;D I understand this opportunity to a degree but not to the degree of you more experienced ones, but am willing to learn as this deal goes through.

Where is the community located? How much is each property?

I live in S. California also, and it seams like the new properties would be expensive to do a sale / lease-back deal. I’m new to all of this though. How did you find a developer that was interested in doing a sale / lease-back? It seams like all the builders out here are the large corporations (like Shea Homes). Do you just go to the new open houses and ask? I’m thinking about trying to do it in Phoenix or Las Vegas. Anyone have any advice on finding builders that want to do sale / lease-back deals? :slight_smile: