new cheap cabinet doors?

Does anyone remember where f
djake suggested he gets his new cabinet doors from? Ive gotten some about 10 years ago but forgot where he bought them online from? Help :slight_smile: seems to have some good options and customization, although I haven’t used them and would be curiuos to know if anyone can recommend a provider also with good pricing… :slight_smile:

Ive seen builders source cabinets in China through Alibaba,

I just got done repainting cabinets in a 3,800 square foot house. Man a ton of work but saved a lot of money. There is a wholesale cabinet company in Arizona that I believe ships too. Highland Cabinetry in Phoenix, they have an insanely large warehouse. - I have bought several sets of cabinets and even shaker doors there for decent pricing. Not sure about shipping

Try Lakeside Moulding & Manufacturing.
Used them several times, they were cheaper than most and great quality.

Depending on the type of cabinets or style. You can try . Many styles- check them out.