New Business? Can I get help from Gov for startups

I have read alot of REI books, but I can not find info on this topic. I want to purchase rentals and flippers. Should I register with the state as a coporation or get some sort of business lisence . Since I am a women could I get certan government grants to get started buying rentals? Are there any government programs that will help me as a small business?

I’ve never heard about any grants for real estate investing businesses or LLC’s startups, but what is very common from the government is loans for improvements such as 203k loans.

…And don’t forget Section 8 rentals. The gub-ment helps there too. :wink:

Can you tell me more about this gov loan or let me know where to get info on it? Also with section 8 rentals will the gov give you money to fix up the home?

I wouldn’t be so quick to do section 8. You will not be able to get the most rent out of your property and it may cause the value of the neighborhood to drop as the tenants are most often a proplem (police,trash,yard and overall condition of the property). Just a quick thought on what I have seen.


Hello, I heard of a course that you can purchase about gov. grants for REI at this website:


I personally have not signed up yet.