New Bus. Line of credit

I am new to REI, have just set up an LLC, but have bad credit (my husband is a self-employed concrete contractor, and gets paid whenever the contractors feel like paying), and no start-up money. I know REI is the way to go to secure our future. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to find a hard-money source to use as a way to get lines of credit - by putting the money into savings accounts and using them as collateral for signature loans?

thomas kish is a good source for this information. do a google search he has a course for this… you can also go to they have ALOT of great insider secrets!


I wouldn’t buy any so called real esate course I would just research on this site and the internet b/c you can find the same information for free as for buying books there are a lot of things on this site to read such as the RE articles and the free books…also you can go to the local library and research there too. hope this helps.

that site has some nice articles e.g some of the credit score articles

im always amazed of people that want all the secrets on how to create wealth and generate cash but dont want to invest any of there own money or time on how to get there… come on people… :-\

Why pay for something you can get for free like information…but i too agree you have to invest at the least the time to research…those who sell information are just salesman and you are the buyer,

Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions, both on this forum, and those who have e-mailed me personally, please keep them coming! :slight_smile: I have the Russ Whitney course, and my stepson got the Carlton Sheets course a couple months ago but didn’t want to do anything with it, so he just gave it to me today and I am going thru all that info, as well as everything I can find online. This website is super! I have been considering Thomas Kish stuff, just haven’t got the cash for it right now, are his loan sources as good as he says?