New Birdog Business questions

I have a few questions regarding the Layout of my Business Plan and how I should represent myself as a bird dogger to investors as well as a source for sellers.

  1. Should I incorporate and get a trade name, or just work under my name?

2)For sellers should I advertise on my cards, website, flyers etc…that I am a bird dog or can I be another “we buy houses” company but technically be forwarding these leads to others?

My goal is to very quickly learn bird dogging and then begin to flip/ wholesale homes.

Howdy Njbirddog:

Just a DBA will do if you want to have a name. It is not as important as finding good deals. To the public you want the We Buy Houses logo and to your buyers you want them to know that you are a birddog for them. Some folks respond better to the personal name as Joe Will buy your house rather than House Buyers Of America or ???. As they do not want to deal with a large company and assume that the Company will pay less than a person.

Hope this helps answer the questions


understood…but as a birddog or even later as a wholesaler when I speak to someone on the phone or in person who is selling, If I act as I am buying but then a week later some investor comes along, wont that freak the seller out a bit?

I have gotten mixed messages on this…

Some say act as your a part of a group, respect in numbers.

Some say let people know what you do, locate leads.

Some say what you have said.

Very confusing

oh…whats a DBA?

Howdy NJbirddog:

You are right. It can be confusing. When something goes wrong you can always blame a partner or employee or employer or Pres of a large corp. I always like the line that I showed it to a potential partner and they liked it so much they made he an offer I could not refuse. This has actually been the case in several deals I have done and in some I could not find a partner and ended up buying myself with hard money or private funds.

You just need to find a process that works for you. As long as you are being honest and ethical you should have a great career. One good way to start is to call other We Buy House ads and get to know who they are and how they do deals and get financing. You may even be able to sell them some deals in the future


Not to by any means answer for Ted, but DBA stands for “Doing Business As” and pertains to legal business structure… so you file docs with the IRS Jack/Jane Doe doing business as NJ BIRD DOG.

I have been told when asking a similar question, regardless of industry…do what will allow you to sleep well at night.

This is the reason I have held off on wholesaling until I can afford to buy the house if I am unable to locate a buyer right away. I am not comfortable with pulling out of a deal resulting in an already stressed home owner 30 more days in the hole and out of luck.

Howdy Markw:

I would want you on my team. You have a lot of ethics. A lot of investors would leave the seller high and dry and not look back if the deal did not work out and only put up $10 earnest money and try to get it back as well.

LOL to you

lol thank you kindly :slight_smile: …sometimes it feels as if its more of a bane then a help, but hey, over time hopefully I can gain a good rep. and to the others…karma will catch them in the end~

Have anyone in bought the bird-dog software and what is their opinion about the software and the literature and did they find it useful. I am hesitat to purchase the material but has been talking with the gentelemen that wrote the book and ensured me that he guaratee his book are my money fully returned. I was just trying to read 1 or 2 chapters before purchasing

Which software and which book?

If you are talking about Barry grimes book “rei jobber” yes .

It is awesome, huge huge ebook with everything you’d ever want to know and also tons of forms, contracts,bonus ebooks, programs, etc.

Worth $97

Yes i have read his ebook that he has on file in the rei club, hopefully here in the next few weeks i will be able to finally purchase the information. Now i have also browsed thru some of bronchick books, especially the one about flipping properties and found it very helpful. have anyone ever read any of his books and any comments

What is birddogging?