New Bird Dog

Hello I am a new birddog in Michigan. Can anyone give me some tips on how to get going in this. I am new to this and am very motivated and excited. Any information will be helpful to me.

Welcome Kristen and good luck. there are tons of articles on this site. Also a couple of good ebooks on birddogging that would be good to get. The only other thing I would say is join your nearest REI club and start networking and finding buyers to steer motivates sellers to.

Doof luck!


 Check out my post regarding Birddogging. It should help you get started.,31214.0.html

sent you an email to your yahoo account check it out!!

Glad to hear that you are excited. Thats the first part :slight_smile:

Along with a course or too on Bird Dogging in the products section
and articles there is also…