New bird dog in northest PA looking for help

Hi: I’m a new bird dog in northeast PA. I could have at least 3 “ugly” properties under contract by the end of the week. They all have plenty of room for all to profit but I can’t find any of these so called “Cash” buyers. I have googled for hours and all of these buy houses for cash sites seem to be nothing more than lead generation sites. How does one find these “Cash” buyers?


All those “we buy houses” adds and signs are investors. It’s a place to start.
Before you go and find deals, you need buyers for them. I’d find investors and find out what they are looking for. You don’t wanna be a bird dog out retrieving ducks if the hunter is hunting geese.

Thank you for your reply. I understand completely. What I’m frustrated about is that they don’t reply. Or they simply are selling your name as someone who has a home for sale. How do you find cash buyers that really want to buy homes.

I am not making any offers until I find buyers. I’m certainly smarter than that, I’m just frustrated that the part I thought would be the easiest is turning out to be the hardest.

Thanks Again

I found a lot of interesting people at a local Real Estate investing meeting. The were all different types and levels of people. But they each have their own network you can plug into.
If that isn’t your niche market at the moment then what else is next? Meet them and show them how you can help them and then keep track of them with email or promo postcards or a phone call. Something will click or move on to another area.

I find that jus posting on the R.E.I boards about what you do helps. That’s how I found investors ;D

spent we are cash buyers in western maryland here is one suggestion. Go to several auctions in your area & watch the people, investors go to these auctions it’s just one way to start building your list.

[b][/b]not the only way though

Hey Spent,

I understand your frustration. However, as you’re discovering, the reality is that…

  • many people play at real estate investing, even posting ads, signs and websites, who have no time, resources or guts to make a real deal
  • most people you’ll run into are part-time, amateur investors
  • many “cash” buyers have cash after they get financed. Few cash buyers have the cash sitting in their bank accounts (that would be poor use of capital). Pros can get cash quickly enough to get the good deals.
  • realtively few people invest with any level of consitency and regularity
  • even full-time professional investors with facny websites and emails usually are one-man operations and have a difficult time or poor strategy for following up on contacts and leads. I’ve had plenty of unanswered inquiries from big players in my area. Go figure.

Just keep searching and you’ll make contacts with the real players in this business.

That’s what I did. I joined several REI clubs in my area and began learning who the deal makers were. Of 1000+ members in my local club, I’d say less than 5% are really out there doing this successfully day-in, day-out.

You’ll never build a solid network of contacts by just emailing people through websites. You need to meet them face to face, see them at meetings, and talk to them on the phone. You’ve got to network with the right people and let them know who you are and what you’re doing to get any syngergy happening.

I’d be interested in talking with you. I need a business reason to go up to PA pretty soon (family trip). Your deals may just provide a reason to go. Send me an IM with your contact info.


Hi Jim:

Thank You for your reply. I like people who tell it like it really is.

Hey Spent,

You might also try a gentleman named Joe Kamenar in Philly. He offers a GREAT RE Program for $40.00. TONS of information. He also obviously buys and could probably mentor you as well. I have nothing but great things to say about the man.

You can reach him at

Hope that helps.

P.S. - Tell him that Robert and Marcia at Golden Knight Properties sent you his way. We won’t get nuthin for it 'cept kudos. ;D

Dear GoldenKnight

Thank you so much for that information. I will definitely follow up on this.


Nada prob. Forgot to mention his website earlier that also has a great FREE seminar on it: and also Great great stuff there. WELL worth the $40.00 and he also has a heckuva deal for some extras he offers for another $200. Again, nuthing but good things to say about him and those sites (Just like this one!) ;D

I also hear what you are saying about the Google search. But I have found that you get more hits if you look in your local paper or do some schmoozing at your local REIA. In fact, why not talk to your REIA Chairperson? That person can probably tell you who the REAL movers and shakers are. They might even give you an introduction to those people if you are nice. :slight_smile: The Chairperson might ALSO be a good contact for you as a rehabber/buyer of your properties. Seek and Ye Shall Receive! Best of luck and Go get 'em!


Where are you in NE PA?

Hi MidLake: I am in the very northeast corner near Scranton, PA.