New bird dog here, needed advice

Hello, I have been here reading alot of discussions. I was all mixed up in the head with ideas etc. Reading these has put alot into perspective. First of all I would like to thank you all. Then, if I could, get some answers.

  1. what is a TREC contract and how do I get one?
  2. how do i find investors to build my investors data base?
  3. beisdes the basic info, such as ph #/name of owner/liens etc. on a property I am presenting to an investor, what else should I get for the investor - or will they tell me what thay want from me?
  4. what do I say to the investor in the initial phone call to see if we can work together?
    Can’t just call up & say “heh I am a property locator, can I find props for you and strike up a deal”. LOL
  5. what do you charge the investor for the lead, when it closes?

I thank you all very much for the advice, looking foward to seeing the responses, as I am anxious to start looking for the deals & developing my investors data base.


Howdy Decorous:

TREC is Texas Real Estate Commission and contracts are available on line at You can also get them from Realtors and title companies

Call on We Buy House Signs, ads in the papers, place an ad your self, bandit signs, find a great deal and place an ad Cheap Fix up special and you could get 20 to 30 calls in a day

Bird dogs do not get a whole lot of info. Maybe some comps would help and a guess of the fix up costs. Let the investor do most of the work.

I would ask for $1K and maybe $500. As an example I used to get leads from a friend who rode on back of a trash truck. All he would give me is the address of a vacant house or the address and phone number on the yard sign and I gave him $500 for each one I bought.

What you really want to do get to the next step and be a wholesaler or even an investor.

Thanks so much for the advice. That is exactly my goal. I heard this is the best way to start though, get some experience and your feet wet, before attemtping to add in the negotiations with the sellers and working on the closings at both ends. I will defintaly goes this route, as you have suggested. Again, I thank you for your response. Best of luck in your endevours.