New at wholesaling-need some pointers from some pros

Hey everybody,My names Nik,im a young 21 y/o investor,just getting started in this wholesaling game.I’ve been educating myself on the subject for the past year and Im ready to get started.How old were you guys when you started and was it easy for you?How did you over come your inner fears and that little voice in your head telling you that "your not an investor,people aren’t going to take a 20 year old seriously!"Although time to time I catch myself telling me that,but thats definitely not going to keep me from starting.I’m 20 times more fearfull of not succeeding in life and not becoming rich than being bitched at by a seller…lol…so any starter tips here?i dont have a mentor,the one i used to have was a “b.s’r” and never returned calls.I just dont want to dive into the game without the right strategies and tips,but if i have to I will…by the way i will start assigning contracts rather than purchasing wholesale properties being the fact that I don’t have money…haha so yeah any professional with good words of wisdom,please hollar at me
Thank you guys and God Bless:)
Nik Tantardini

My advice is to keep your risk and exposure minimal as you get started. In other words, don’t get into debt, don’t go broke, before you’ve had a chance to succeed.
You mentioned assigning deals, rather than being in the middle of them. Good choice for the new investor. Look into options and lease options, too. No cash out of pocket, easily assignable, no risk to you.
Good luck!

I love reading this! You reminder me of myself about 3 years ago. I am now 26, so you can easily do that math. First of all, I want to commend you for taking action right now at such an early point in your life. Most people think about doing something great all their lives, and never step out due to fear. Since you are dealing with fear of success, I highly recommend reading T. Harv Ecker’s book “The Millionaire Mind.” This will change your life.

First of all, you have had plenty of education. If you have been seriously studying for over a year, you probably know more than you need to in order to get started. Believe in yourself! Remember this quote. “Ready, fire, aim!” You’ll figure things out as you go. It may not be comfortable, but you are going to learn. Those who laugh are jealous. Treat people with respect and honestly do the best you can. When wholesaling, use the proper contingencies and never try to rip anyone off, and it’s essentially risk free. You will learn far more than you ever do reading, once you take action.

So get out there! Hit the pavement, join a good real estate investing group, keep learning, and know you are going to make mistakes. That’s the beauty, when you learn from everything. Your age doesn’t matter. Your belief does. Speak with confidence even when you don’t know what the heck you are doing. People will respect you when you speak and act as if you are already successful. To be a success, it starts in your mind. Good luck!