New and very interested

I would like to get into the real estate business and it seems that being a bird dog would be the best way to start for me. I see that looking for investors is the first step but what is the basic info that i give to investors and is there a book that i can read so that I can get started tomorrow.

Howdy GLtucker76:

Why wait till tomorrow. Start today. Right this very minute> You are now a birddog. You are going to make $2500 this month before Christmas.

What investors want? Deals and more deals. The better the deal the more green for you. How to find deals? The last three I found were in MLS believe it or not. Get out there and look at deals and learn what a deal is. If retaol is $100 per foot in your area find a fix up house for $40 a foot that will cost no more than $70 to buy and fix and you will have a deal for 100 investors in your area. You only need 1 so find 5 or 6 that will jump at your deals and have the cash or hard money sources ready to go in days.

Call on ads in the paper and the WE BUY Houses signs and look at web sites to find buyers and sellers too. You do not even have to limit yourself to investors. Find a friend or neighbor a house too.

Quit reading this and get up and go do some deals. The best book I know of lands on your door every morning. It is full of buyers and sellers and a lot of them need to sell and a few badly.