New and deleted

Hello, I am a new REIClub member and recently posted a question regarding a website name that has been written about in this forum exactly 21 times, one of which was the website owner himself.

I am new not only to REIClub, but to investing. When I saw the topic “Investor website opinions” I thought - well what a great place to put my question about a website. Actually, I posted comments about 2 free-entry websites, both of which I have had limited exposure to. I was truly excited about finding the “unmentionable” website, because it specifically targeted the audience I was after and for free. This is a popular website (from what I can tell) where investors go to post their fixer-upper properties from all over the U.S. If you are familiar with this website, I am sure you know what I am talking about. To be honest, I am afraid to mention the name again for fear of being deleted again. I asked about this website, made mention of it in 2 places, then I was deleted. I am not feeling really welcome at this point, but I will try once more.

So here I am again - and I will restate my posting in a form that cannot be construed by someone as being “an afffiliate” posting spam.

I am a new investor with no marketing budget (yet) who is looking for popular, free websites to post my newly acquired investment properties without having to pay fees of some kind. If anyone has any suggestions, your feedback is welcome.

Send me an e-mail or a PM and I will look at the sites and make a determination as to suitability…also, please let me know what your post said…

In addition, please let me know if this is YOUR OWN website or not…



Hi Keith - just to clarify for everyone… This website we are referring to is not my own. I would give out my own, but I am a little hesitant to after these initial postings…

Most of the rules are just around the common forum courtesy of not using self-promotion over learning and sharing. Your site can be posted in your signature.

Just read the rules, follow them, and all will be well. No big deal.