Never seen any REI course that was worth anything.

That has produced any results. I have several courses, read a ton of books on the subject and have yet to see material that is worth the paper its written on.

Its all the same, lets talk about goals, perspective, etc. No lets not. In fact I would love to see someone come out with a video showing exactly what they do in the field. Until then, they are all marketing specialist and dont know *** about REI.

I have seen quite the opposite. I started with the Carleton Sheets course which I thought was an excellent beginner’s course. It covered everything you need to begin investing and had a LOT of good info for new landlords. I also have read almost every book out there and have found that many had great ideas. If you can’t get started after completing these materials, then being self-employed is probably not for you.

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It seems strange to me that you’d expect a course or a book to produce results for you. You have to take the initiative and apply what was written on that paper. I would think the majority of the investors on this forum got their start from reading or taking courses. Don’t expect someone to hold your hand and walk you through your deal unless you paid them a significant amount of money.

Different people learn different ways. Some people need to see it while some people can read about it. If you have a course that presents the information in a manner that is not the way you learn it may seem that it doesn’t contain anything. In any event, real estate is not cookie cutter. I did basically the same thing on each house I bought, but each deal was different. No course for that matter no mentor can tell you what to do in real estate. You have to go out there with a basic strategy and then adjust to what is thrown at you.

lets talk about goals
That let's do goals is important no matter what field you are working in. You don’t really want to just acquire properties indefinitely. Basically my goal is to make enough off my rentals that I don’t have to work (although I love my job and will still work). But how will you know that you have reached your goal unless you have some goals? You will grow until you are miserable with running your huge empire working 12 hour days instead of taking a fishing trip to Montana 4 times a year. For instance my goal is to stop at 20 houses, but I can keep buying until I get 50 or 100.

If you think you won’t get anything out of any book…your right.
If you think you will…your right.

Goals and planning are crucial…or you will spin in circles and never get anywhere.

Every deal is different…so a cookie-cutter technique doesn’t exist.

Find the area of REI that interests you, study that area, learn the basic techniques of how-to do it. (hint it won’t be do 1, then 2, then 3)… Talk to a Lawyer and have your paperwork verified, then take action.

Its not hard, and its not easy either…it takes WORK.

Just curious, what is your day job? And do you manage the properties yourself?

I am the corporate quality director for a French company’s USA operations. We have 103 plants around the USA and I get to go from location to location telling them how to make their plants run smoother.

I can help you with that: Get rid of the Frenchmen!



I’ve never taken any courses on REI. But I believe that in anything in life you need more than one outlet to learn something.
Every deal is indeed going to be different. The same property would be a different deal to each person interested. Besides reading books you shyould speak with atty’ds on the subject and if you plan opn financing them I would speak with a mortgage consultant also. Do this well ahead of time. find out what mortgage prducts are available and how they work. Also when you are just about ready to jump in find out through your broker which programs you would qualify for.
If you are going to use lender financing i would suggest taking the time to find a broker you feel at ease with and is giving you the right answers. There are a lot of brokers out there who dont give you the whole story. they just tell you whats going to benefit them the most and make it seema benefit to you. those are the guys you get up and run from.