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Hello, my name is Kyle. I tried to get into investing last year, didn’t do too well. I stepped away for a minute but now I’d like to get involved again and this time become very successful. However Im presently in Indiana. This time, I was thinking about Las Vegas, NV. So I’d like to know should I start out Wholesaling again, or has something better came along? How is the present housing market in Vegas? Is there anybody here who is successful there and could give me some pointers and suggestions?

Hi all,

my name is Dustin. I live in Las Vegas, NV, and have been here for about 20 years. I am a licensed real estate agent and also an investor. I also started a real estate listing website specifically for income properties, and i spend most of my time on that. I do own a few SFR rentals as of now, and i plan on buying a few 4-plexes in the near future to hold onto.

Hey Kyle are you in Vegas yet? The market really varies depending on what price range youre looking at. There are many properties under $100k, but the bidding wars are pretty intense, at least the last property i bid on in that price range. If you are able to pick up a property the rent market will allow for a pretty nice cash flow.

The best deals we get in Vegas is direct from the bank at a large discount and theses are never list on the MLS.

Lots of investors are in the Vegas market. You can still get undervalued properties that will turn an immediate profit via rental. A good example would be homes in Centennial Hills. You can pick up a home for under 100k and rent it out for over 1k a month. If you go the condo route, your ROI will be even higher in most cases.

I am a commercial broker in Las Vegas specializing in commercial property management, leasing and sales. I encourage investors to take a walk on the commercial side if the residential investments are not working out. There are a lot of smokin’ hot deals in commercial in Las Vegas. Just need investors that have the cash or the ability to obtain a loan for the property.

Hey guys I’m seriously thinking of investing in apartments in Las Vegas. Anyone have information or knowledge of the market? Is it declining? How are vacancies near the strip and in different areas?
Please let me know thanks! :biggrin

What sized projects would you be looking at in the LV area?

Hi everyone, my name is Harry. My partners and I have a PE fund looking to invest in Las Vegas’s SFR and Multi-family. Please feel free to contact me as I am currently in the States looking for investment deals.



I just wanted to see how many people are familiar with Reverse Wholesaling and are currently using it in the Las Vegas, NV market right now? How is it working out for you?

In regards to Las Vegas, our company buys from the banks and adds value to the land through rezoning when appropriate. Our investors make great returns, so I believe that Las Vegas NV is definitely the best place to invest in real estate for short term 10-14 month deals.

I have just started getting in to Real estate investing and I am looking in to wholesaling and quick flips. I am looking to start a data base of investors, to see what they are looking for so I can start getting things going.

I am a private lender interested in working with experienced investors in the Oklahoma and Las Vegas areas. We can also do deals in Kansas, Missouri. Texas and Arkansas if the deal is right:
1-4 unit non owner occupied properties
65% LTV
10% Down Payment
12% Interest Only
6 points
prepaid interest
6month loans
Major rehab also requires Split of the proceeds.
Let us know if we can help!

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Hi I am a retired computer professional (hardware/software). I got involved with tax Lien and learned all the ins and out of that business. Using my skill in programming helps me to do the property research and evaluation. I found out that Texas struck off is very lucrative especially that there in not auction involved and with patient and diligent you can find great deal with a high profit bargain I am looking for investors who might want to share in the profit.

Hello, I am a wholesaler who is looking for Investors, who’s looking for discounted properties here is ILLINOIS, I have over 35 properties, some ready to purchase meaning no work needed, we also have foreclosed properties as well, and if you are looking for a type of property we can get it for you. I have some that requires work, and the equity is great, :smile :smile :smile :smile


My name is Ebony and I’m in the Las Vegas area profiling distressed and neglected properties. Instead of spending your free time scouting houses and researching property histories - let me do it! :smashpc

I know title companies will charge up to $250 just for a report on a house that you’ve already found, I can do both. I am not a wholesaler so I don’t have contracts out on the properties and I don’t base my earnings of your potential profit. I find properties that have potential and do the digging, the rest is up to you. :crossfingers

I do not recycle leads between clients. Interested? :brow Send me a message!