Networking Event Houston

This should be a hoot. It is competing with the Houston Rodeo. I will go over to see what is happening. The speech is the same every year. He says that the are massive amount of forclosures, the financing has never been better, rents are at an all time high, what are you waiting for. You know he is right.

I am just going to fellowship with like minded people. I get in free and am not sure if I would go if I had to pay $40 to get in. I will let you guys know how it was either Saturday night or Sunday.

This event went just as they all ultimately go. There was some good information given out but only in introduction form. You can’t put a complete plan together with the amount of information given. But these things are really valuable and we should go to them. Let’s understand how these things are set up and how to use them.

First who is here that is of use? There are 3 types of people at the event. Organizers, vendors, and spectators. Depending on the size of the event there are 12 to 50 organizers. Of that there are no more than 3 to 5 of the organizers that really understand how to do real-estate. Their goal is not to teach you how to do real estate it is to make money off of you. They are fine and friendly people but they are not your goal. The second group is the spectators. There are hundreds of these spectators. They know nothing and are of no use at all to you. Of all of them there are probably 2 that will ever buy even one house. There may be a person or two that are investors just there to see what is going on but they look just like everybody else and you will never be able to find them. Then the vendors. These are the people that you need to talk to. They are the people with everything you need to be successful. They are trying to sell what they have, foundation repair, financing, insurance etc. But they know who are actually doing this real estate stuff. Ask them who gives them the most business. Get their information. Call them the following Monday. Ask them about what they can do for investors. Ask them if they have helped investors before and what they did for them. Again try to find out who the investors are. Tell them you want to talk to investor references. They will give you a list of people that actually know who to do it and most of us will tell you how.

I got something out of the conference. Inspiration. I have used my houses to make my life a little bit better. I can afford a better life, save a lot more money. Most people do real estate because the only way they can have a great life…a life like mine is to do real estate. Because I live that life now my thirst to earn is quenched by being able to watch the latest movies on my home theater with a screen as large as a movie house for only 25 seats or by sitting by the pool with a tropical drink. But I work everyday at my corporate job. I don’t retire because you need to work. You see everybody needs a balanced life. Most people that have a problem with life balance is because they work so hard that they don’t do family, fitness, religion or play things. There was this guy that has 75 houses. He works about 2 days a month mostly around the first of the month when rents come in and mortgages need to be paid. He has a problem because he is not doing the other side of his life…work. He took a job working for this organization because he needs to work. Hear what I said, he doesn’t need money he needs to work. That is my problem. I don’t retire because I can easily cover all of my money needs with houses but I would have no work to do. I saw on some movie when I was a kid that made an impression on me. This guy’s father told him if you don’t wake up every day, shave, put on your clothes and work then you are a bum. I never wanted to be a bum. When people ask me what I do I really like saying I am Director of Operations for chemical company X. I learned that if I am to retire I need to find a job. You don’t retire from your job you retire to what you are going to do. I need to find something to do. Maybe I should be a real estate guru.

The networks made is the most important in such an event in whichever category as you classify them.
As for inspiration i have always agreed with the statement that one has to love whatever they do, to succeed and not just do it for the money.

Networking events allow Houston young professionals to network with each other on a business level and interact with each other on a social level .Bring your business card for speed networking with other TCU women .