Net Cash Flow

On a $750,000.00 MHP purchase, what amount of net cash flow do seasoned investors expect to receive per month?

around 15,000. 750,000 X .02=15,000

The goal is $100 a unit per month profit. I use $50-100 a month per unit as bidding guideline.

  1. How many units is this property?
  2. What repairs are needed?
  3. Is this an apartment, hotel, etc.?
  4. Is the location decent?

Get these questions answered so we can figure out a max purchase price. $15,000 isn’t accurate if there is $500,000 in repairs needed or if it is a hotel.

Another thing you might want to consider in your calculations is, what loan-to-value are you going to be at? Is 750k the purchase price or the principle balance?