Negotiation Books

Hey everyone, I didn’t know where else to post this topic (possibly a new Forum?), so i put it here.

Anyways, as investors, we all know that buying properties at below market value is key in making a nice profit. I was interested to know if anyone had any good recommendations on Real Estate Negotiation books. Many of the books I’ve read touch breifly on how to negotiate, but don’t focus on it the way I would like. I saw a couple of books recommended on this site in regards to general negotiating, but none focusing on Real Estate in specific.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

have read “how to make millions in real estate” by tyler hicks, very helpful and does have a chapter about negotiating.
have a question for you- any suggestions on what type of financing i should get for “tax sales auctions” - funds have to be available asap -if you win the bid you have to pay full amount at auction.

Thanks, I’ll have to check that book out. As for your financing question, if you need the funds immediately, I’d try and get a HELOC - home equity line. Banks can usually have these funds for you within 24 - 48 hrs. Good luck!

I have read the Tyler Hicks book as well, and found it useful.

A couple of good negotiating books (although not specifically on Real Estate) are
Creative Negotiating by Stephen Kozicki
Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople
by Roger Dawson.

I hope these help!