Negotiating with a realtor to list your SS

I had a realtor call me to list my SS deal, she found my ad in the local paper. I could really use the exposure and her marketing resources, the property goes to auction May 19. She wanted 6% I told her that I would consider an incentive based commission, for ex 4% and 1k bonus if sold within 45 days. If you use a realtor to list properties what do you offer them as commission? What are some things I should be aware of prior to signing a listing agreement with her?

There are no “deals” with Realtors.
You will get what you pay for.

They will spend time and money to market your home. It’s their job, it pays their bills. If there is less compensation for selling your house, they’ll apply less effort. It’s that simple.

If you offer them less money, they’ll take the listing and put it on the MLS. Maybe an open house. If it sells, it sells.

If you can’t afford it, I wouldn’t try to negotiate down the commission. You would do better with a discount “online” broker that will put you on the MLS for a flat fee.

If you really want a Realtor to work hard, offer them a increase in their commission. It’s that simple.

If the realtor is familiar with short sales they will probibly know that short sales are not ideal for Realtors.
Most lenders will only allow realtors to take a 2 percent buyer fee or 2 percent seller fee. No always but the majority of the time.

I list the homes for my investors, everyone seems to be happy, I get a commission, they get a steal! :slight_smile: