negotiating repairs


We’re buying a house directly from seller (no realtor) & we’ve encountered bumps along the way. 1)We were rushed through the home inspection by the sellers, but luckily our inspector was able to get everything. However, 2) a few items came up & we asked the seller to fix them. 3) They aren’t cooperating but we like the house. Repairs are not major costs, but a real headache & need to be fixed. Has anyone else had a hard time negotiating repairs? We’re ready to walk away.

It would probably help if you could post more information, such as ARV, asking price, how much owed, your estimation of repairs needed, etc., and what you are planning to do with the house if you buy it (wholesale, retail, keep for rental, personal residence, etc). And I would be suspicious of a seller trying to rush you when it comes to inspecting the house. My main point is it would be easier to give an educated opinion with more facts.

This house is for primary residence. The estimation of repairs is about $3k. We’re getting the house for $20K less than asking, which according to our research is about market value given the season/time of year. I am not sure how much is owed on the property currently.

Pretty simple, If it’s a buy then suck up the reapirs. If it’s a regular sale at market value, play hard ball right back. :wink:

Yea - this is tough. We feel it’s right on that line of being a buy and getting it at market value. Thanks for the feedback.

Being as you are looking at this for a personal residence and not an investment, it really depends on how bad you want this particular house. It’s hard for anyone to really tell you what to do or give advice because it’s more than just numbers, it’s a personal decision. As far as the seller, you getting their price down or getting them to do any repairs depends on how motivated they are. Right now, they don’t seem all that motivated. It’s easy to have a bottom line when investing, not quite as easy if their is emotion involved…such as looking for a personal residence. Good luck.

Regards, Tony