Negotiating Companies

When trying to get a short sale done, has anyone used a company to handle the negotiations with the bank? If so, was it a good experience? Bad? Not worth it? If you had a good experience, could you recommend that company?

I use a company in Arizona for my negotiations. No upfront fees and usually only charges 1% upon closing. They tell you which documents you need and handles all the processing. I highly recommend them because it allowed me to bring in more leads.

Private message (PM) me and I will glady provide their name.

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It really depends on what your strengths are. If you don’t have the time to negotiate or you are not good at it then outsource. If you are or you can hire someone who can keep it in house. No one is going to care about those deals like you. I have also seen some of “the best” loss mit companys shut down. You don’t want to be stuck holding the bag if that happens.