Neemrana – A Metropolitan City

Neemrana is one of the fastest growing industrial centres in North India. It is situated on NH-8, along with other industrial sub-markets such as, Khushkhera, Bawaland, Tapukhera located in Rajasthan and unit of the NCR. Neemrana has engaged lot of industrial investments from Japanese manufacturing firms such as Daikin, NYK Logistics, Nissan, and Mitsui Chemicals. Apart from the Japanese firms many renowned companies from India and abroad are setting up their units in this growing industrial hub.
The Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation has developed industrial zone Neemrana region in various phases that have led to this sub-market’s emergence as a major trade core. The need for house for workers employed in these industries is therefore considerable. This provides Neemrana with all the elements of an ideal real estate expenditure market, presenting low entry points and high recognition potential. Neemrana will continue to attract demand from the large reaming resource, as well as the further workforce that will migrate there over the course of the next few years.

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