Needs Some Forms ...Just Getting Started

Anyone willing to send us some forms that we need to get started on short sales…

I’m seeing pre-foreclosure letter requests and authorization letter requests…
Is there any others I need that someone can send us…

I also have a question. I am seeing people on the boards talking about dealing with a homeowner on price? Can you do this if it is in pre-foreclosure? I’m thinking you have to deal directly with the bank. Am I correct? If so, when do you deal with the homeowner?

Matt, thanks for the valuable site.

Yeah, not a problem. But it looks like the admin didn’t like me giving out that website address in the forum because my entire post got deleted. SOOOOO, you can get there also by following the link in my signature which will take you to my company website forums which is dedicated to short sales. My profile in there has a link to the other section of my website that I had in the post that was deleted for unknown reasons. This section has every forum that I use for short sales. In fact, when I do a short sale I go to this part of my website and print off the pages for ME to use.

Ok, so just to be on the safe side here I read the rules of these forums and have broke down the possible violations that could have got my last post deleted.

Possible Violation #1

The discussion forums are intended for asking and answering ONLY INFORMATIONAL questions SPECIFICALLY related to real estate investing.

I do believe this thread was started with the question of where to find short sale forums. I gave a link to a website that offers FREE short sale forums.

Possible Violation #2

No Advertising - do not post advertisements, solicitations, or offer your services

This is not advertising. I’m not selling or promoting anything. All the information at this site is FREE!! Infact, from my experience the only people that have a problem with this site are those that profit from selling the same info this site gives away for FREE!!

Thank you very much for your contributions to the community and for helping to keep the forums informational.

I like to think that almost every post I have made here has been informative in one way or another.

Sorry I cant post a direct link for all you new comers trying to get more INFORMATION to LEARN more about Short Sales. You will have to jump thorugh a few hoops to get there.

It is against the Forum Rules to post PERSONAL contact information (including personal websites) in the body of your messages. It is not against the rules to post links to information. We try to be somewhat lenient (like when you have too many lines in your “Member Default Signature” :wink: ), but have to hold the line in the advertising area…