Needed-Accurate Foreclosure List/Supplier Needed

I am in the Washington DC area and work primarily in Silver Spring. I am agressively scouting for deals and would like to find a solid foreclosure list, without wild goose chases. Anyone know a reputable web-service?

Jigo2k1,I live in Maryland.Have you checked the newspaper?I see Foreclosures in DC all the time.Do you have some of the web sites to check? I just bought a foreclosure at auction today!!!Hope this helps.Michele

Michele - which county do you live in and where did you buy from? We have been thinking about going to auctions in MD and infact we went to go see how they usually proceed at the Mont. Co. courthouse.

Reigal, I live in Carroll County and i bought in Carroll County.You should go to see some auctions.Not every one there is bidding.Thats what i did the first time.I just wanted to see how it worked and what it was all about.The one i bought from this week had some neighbors there just to make sure it sold and when it did they started clapping!!!Hope this helps you.Michele

I have to ask: Did you review the property before bidding and winning the bid? Just curious, after you’ve won the bid, what condition is it in?