need your advice, how to approach a listing agent

I am new to investing and would like your advice. I found one house in mls that is a good condidate for fix&flip. I called the listing agent and she’s going to show it to me tonight.
Normally I have two realtors who represent me and they write up contract etc.
My question is how do I tell a listing agent that I want a lower price because she would be the only agent in the transaction?
Any input is appreciated…

Howdy Denvergirl:

Glad to see you active and doing deals. The seller pays most commission and has an agreement with the Realtor to pay x amount. I list my houses with a discount agent where there is no listing fee and only 3% available for the agent who brings me a buyer. In you situation here you may as well get your agent to represent you and handle the contract negotiations because the seller more than likely has a full commission built into the deal. Agents usually do not reduce their fee and will in fact get double pay if they represent you and the seller (duel agency) . A lot of times the listing agent in the office may be different than the agent who shows you the property if you first talked with the duty agent. If you are an agent Agent or Broker who is not a member of the Board of Realtors) and present yourself as such and ask to speak directly to the listing agent then they may split the commission with you. I just got an agent upset with me because I was going to have my dad be my Corp in house broker and did not disclose it prior to the letter of intent. This may have blown the deal but it may have been dead already.

Hope this helps some and is not too late.



A word of caution – the listing agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller to get the best price. This runs completely contrary to YOUR goals of getting the best price that you can…

Personnaly, in that the seller is paying the cost of the listing, I would use my own realtor – one working on MY behalf!


How to approach a listing agent?

Usually from behind, and try to keep down wind. It gives you the best chance to get the drop on 'em.

Seriously, it’s hardly worth the trouble to try to get the agent to reduce their commission. I mean, if 3% is going to make or break the deal, it’s not a deal anyway.

Either get your own agent to represent you (preferred), or go for the greed factor and let the listing agent keep all of the commission. Sometimes, it works.