Need Window help for.....possibly 2010 Tax credit

A few months ago I purchased my first investment property(a 3 bedroom apartment in Boston). After fixing it up, I’m currently living in one of the bedrooms and renting out the other two. My apartment has relatively new windows, but two of the windows will not stay open without being proped up. Any suggestions on what to do? I was thinking about just replacing them and taking advantage of the 30% tax credit since I currently live in the unit. Does anyone have any recomendations on company/type of window…etc. to look into? They don’t have to be anything special as I plan on fully renting out the unit next year and moving onto my next prperty.

If the windows are relatively new and in otherwise good shape and installed well ( no leaks, sealed, foamed in, caulked, etc) it will almost certainly be cheaper to FIX the problem with the windows that won’t stay open rather than buy and install new windows. If you are not competent to do the repair yourself, start looking for a good all around handyman who can help or find a vendor for the same brand of windows that you have currently installed and call them to find someone who can repair your window.

The less money out of you pocket, the more money IN your pocket/


There is a little metal spring thingy (arch shaped) that you can add to the frame and it will put enough pressure on the window so it won’t slide down. Couple of bucks; a lot cheaper than replacing the window.