Need Total Rehab Ballpark Figure

I am looking to put a SFH under contract that needs a total gut job because of mold damage. I’ve gotten my mold remediation estimates ($25,000) but need to figure out the rehab work. Is there a per square foot or other way to roughly get an estimate for completion

SFH is in a Chicago suburb, 2,400 sq ft 2 floor
Everything up to but not including the studs need to come out:
subfloor, flooring, drywall, cabinets, doors, trim, tubs, sinks, fixtures…

I will need to hire in a contractor to put it all back together. Does anyone have a ballpark figure, or are there any contractors interested in working in the Joliet area?

Hi Fireman18,

There are contracting estimators online. Here’s the link to one that looks pretty good.

Typically, there’s a dollar per square foot of construction/re-construction, specific to a locale and quality level, that you can use to estimate your rehab bill.

It’s important to have a good plan before you start, which will help in keeping closer to budget. And it’s good to give yourself a pad of time and money to make sure you don’t run short at the end of the project.

The ‘gut to the bones’ is easiest in my opinion, as you’ll probably have fewer surprises and hopefully fewer change orders.

Good luck. Hope this helps.


Thank you Cate.

thanks for the advice, I’ll check out the estimator.