Need to winterize unfinish Rehabb

I’m in the process of Rehabbing a three unit apartment building, will need to winterize it. The plumbing is done, have water in the system, water heaters is filled and toliets. I’m stopping the project until early Spring and don’t want the plumbing to freeze. There will be no heat to the building during the winter. I’m located in Baltimore, MD

turn off water at meter
turn off water heater
open faucets to drain system
pour antifreeze in the drains and toilets to keep the traps full but avoid freezing

i run a p p company for foreclosures…you need to open the pressure relief valve on h20 htr and put a drain hose on lower and drain out, and use rv antifreeze for the winterization, make sure to leave all valves open on interior exterior faucers including the washer dryer . take out water meter ( make sure to call the water utility, you could get a fine for tampering with meter) and put a plug in street side of water feed incase valve fails and floods your home